chapter 2

My mother and father made a wise decision to send me to catholic school. I was a good student and thrived under the strict guidance of the nuns and lay teachers. It was after school when I could find some trouble to get into. When I say trouble I mean growing pains that most of us go through.
My neighbors on the right side had older beautiful girls. Five in all. They had a mom who’s French accent stood out in the neighborhood All of them with names that had reference to their mothers homeland. The second oldest was a curvy most gorgeous girl who liked the boys in the biker community. This was my first introduction to the world of Harley Davidson. I would hear the loud rumble of the bikes see the cut jean jackets and hear the music of the younger generation. My mother and father liked big band swing and on occasion Elvis Mama and the Papa’s and John Denver. What I heard was Led Zeppelin The Rolling Stones and Deep Purple. I was hooked. When hearing the boys arrive I would wonder over from my house and dance my heart out. They would shoo me away after an hour or so but that time was magical.
To the left of my home lived a family who’s Dad was a police officer in my town. Quite different from the other neighbors. He was a K-9 officer who brought his dog home after his shift. The dogs name was Barron. He was trained well. I would go over to play with him throwing sticks and chasing each other. He was the most friendly of dogs. However when Barron was placed in the back of the squad car I learned that he was a different animal. The first time I realized this was one hot summer day. Dressed in shorts a shirt and my blue ked sneakers I noticed that Barron was dutifully sitting in the back seat of the squad car waiting for his master to come out of the house. I ran up the street to talk to my buddy. As I approached the car my buddy stood up – as did the hair on his back and a low growl with his teeth showing His partner came out of the house and noticed how upset I was and explained to me that when Barron was working he was a different dog. I was not to go near or touch him I didn’t understand but obeyed. I never went up to the police car with my friend in it again but I did continue to play with him when he was off duty. People places and things could make you a changed person. Not because you wanted to but to conform with societies expectations of you Good or Bad we sometimes are different people in different situations. I learned to accept others how they are and not to judge.


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