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Time flies. Time stands still. Time escapes you and time waits for no man. Time makes sweet memories and time can steal youth and eventually your time is over.

Maybe You can time travel. You can be on time. You can have the time of your life and time can drag on forever. 

You can’t buy time. You can’t trade time. Time flies. Time stops. Time is valuable. Time is money.

There are time payments. Time to be born and a time to die. Time to love and time to disagree. Time for war and always time for peace.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter time.
Planting and harvesting time. Holiday time. Church time. Play time. A time to learn and a time to come and a time go.

You can waste time, kill time , and pass the time. Time waits for no man.

Time to get up and Time to sleep. Time to work and time to play. Time to enjoy the simple things and time to figure things out.

It’s the best of times and the worst of times. You can lose time and find the time.

Your can kill time and create it. There is old man time and Time Square. Time can be on your side or time can be against you.

It’s time. Time out. Time to try and time to give up.

Time shares.. Time to spring forward and Fall back. Time heals all wounds.

You can have to much time on your hands or you could have useless time. Tell time. What time is it?

Time to smell the flowers, wake up and smell the coffee, time to grow up, time to act your age. Time for celebrations and time to relax.

Day time Night time. Starting time and quitting time. Time to tell the truth. There are time bandits, time pieces , and timers.

Time to give and a time to receive. You can split your time and give of your time. Crying time. Time of your life. Time to go.

There are time stamps and time thefts. Record times and average times

Time to hurry and a time to relax.

Time is relevant and irrelevant

Thanks for taking the time to read.