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I am one who loves the sun setting. I truly think it’s beautiful rising but dusk is to me the perfect time of day.


It is as if all the angles have been given permission to take out their paints and use the sky as their canvas. Blues, pinks, reds, oranges and purples try to color the horizon to fend off the coming darkness. It’s stunning.


Twilight sounds accompany the colors. Crickets start to chirp and the last of the singing birds nest to watch the show Quite begins to envelope the color splashed sky.


Slowly – ever so slowly the darkness begins to claim the painted heavens. The sun gives up her reign to the moon and the gleaming distant stars.


The concert of hues have gone dark and the beauty of the night comes on. Stars make me dream and the moon brightens up the world just a bit till the sun regains her throne. Darkness has it’s own beauty.


I will as always take the time to look at the sun setting. I believe it’s a thank you from the heavens. I think it calms a hectic day. I know it’s a message from heaven.