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The meaning of flowers

Flowers can say I love you, thank you, nice to meet you and let’s do it again!!

Flowers say your my prom date , I marry you and just thinking of you.

I have flowers that have said sorry he died, sorry about the heart attack, and get well soon.

I have flowers in my yard in a vase and in pots. I eat flowers dry them and cut them.

Flowers are jewelry on shirts and wallpaper. Flowers can be awe inspiring and unusual. Flowers have many shades from white to almost black.

Flowers can make you happy and they can bring tears.

They can smell sweet or sour. Flowers can last forever or just a short time.

They can be prickly and soft. They can develop powerful memories and they can heal.

Flowers can be wanted or unwanted.

You can wear flowers in your hair on your wrist or chest, behind an ear and around your neck.

You can pull the petal off flowers and make a path to welcome brides. You can take a single flower and place it on a casket to say good bye.

Flowers sway in the breeze , stand tall against the summer sun, and hide in the frozen earth till awaken by springs warm kiss.

People are named after flowers are compared to them and can smell like them.

Some are delicate some are hardy. They can be pointy, rounded, even form tiny heart shapes.

Flowers can be made into chains, halos, and can be placed into the end of a gun barrel during an anti war demonstration.

Flowers speak the words we can’t.

Flowers have power.