So who is Elaine?? Chapter 1

I’m told I was a wanted child – the first of four, due on the Fourth of July I waited until the 27th of July to begin my conscious life. I usually do things in a different way I guess this was the first act of doing things my way. I guess a type of defiance After my birth mom had two more children in a three year span. Mom took off nine years to add another child and Her and Dad’s brood was complete.
I grew up in a middle class town with ideals that didn’t quite match those around me. I was (and still am) a tomboy. If I had been of age in the 60’s I would have been a hippie. I would have lived in San Fransico’s Haight Asbury section of town twirling with flowers in my hair barefoot and “grooving” to the music of Janis Joplin. Jimmy Hendrix, and all of the wonderful bands I love to listen to today. But instead I lived in a town who’s families worked hard for what they had and dreamed of what they would do if and when they won the lottery
I was sent to catholic school after attending a public school kindergarten I remember all to well my first day of my education. I was five dressed in a yellow sundress black Patton shoes lace ankle socks and my hair neatly curled and in two pony tails. One thing I neglected to wear was my underware. I can still recall sticking to the plastic seat and squirming to get comfortable. It didn’t work. I managed to make it through and ran out to my mother who was waiting outside to walk me home. I explained that I had forgotten my panties my mother while trying not to laugh said that this would be “the first and last time” I would do such a thing. I learned although subconsciously that day if you have done something wrong and it hurts no one better to keep it to ones self.


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