Chapter 4

High School came with the usual embarrassments dances and puppy love. Went to all the dances at my all girl school and to the all boy schools too. My dates consisted of Sean and John freshman year Les and Rich in Sophomore can only remember Sean again another John and a boy named Mike to complete Junior and Senior years I went to concerts the shore parks the mall and parties. I drank beer tried pot and did all the things a good girl shouldn’t. I planned on furthering my education and at 17 enrolled in our local community college. At seventeen I also met my soul mate He was my love my life and yes I got pregnant so he is my babies daddy. We had our daughter got married and bought a home all by the time I was 20. The teen years were left in the dust. While all my friends were off to school or planning large weddings I was home taking care of a baby. He worked swing shifts at the Steele Mill and I was alone a lot with my child Without him we would have nothing. He worked hard and we both agreed I would stay home with our little girl till she went to school. He was diagnosed the first year we were married with arthritis – rheumatoid arthritis. He struggled in pain and through many medications to control it He was 22 at the time. Life chugged on through thick and thin. We rode Harley’s on the weekend with friends attended rallies too. Went to Disney the shore and bought property to build a house in in the mountains We coached softball teams did Girl Scout trips and we were cookie parents. Our girl became a young lady following my foot steps through catholic school. She grew into a smart women graduated college got married and started a family of her own. Proudest times of our lives revolved around her achievements. We decided to see what empty nesting was all about. We did more together (usually going to rallies) and with a close group of friends. One thing we couldn’t do is stop the arthritis. Through many meds that didn’t work it was decided by doctors to put him on Enbrel. He took Advil like candy to control his swollen joints I gave him the shots and he hated it. We learned patience together. What this taught me or maybe us is life goes by to quickly. Between doctors pain and medicine he was struggling. He didn’t complain nearly as much as I would have. Patience is only given to when you’ve exhausted other avenues. Being mad feeling hopeless then comes the gift of knowing what true patience is. I am now more patient then I have ever been


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