Chapter 11

So time has a way of going on even though you don’t participate in the days. My daughter went to Africa to use her nursing skills for the less fortunate. I was with people I just did involve myself. I was sitting on the bleachers not playing on the field. I dreaded the day we were going to burry Him. It was approaching. April 10,2010 was the chosen day. Saturday it was cold but clear. Myself
And 53 other bikers and about 10 cars were taking Him to be interred with His father. The rumble made me smile as we made the 20 minute or so ride following the hearse. I would carry him. I was handed His urn. Odd feeling. I hugged it so tightly. The wound that had a slight scab on it was now wide open again. I guess this was the day to truly begin my healing. After a brief blessing it was time to hand him over with the pictures a clip of His living dogs hair and the cremated remains of two of our dogs. I also placed a Harley coin with Him. My heart was aching my head throbbing and my spirit was crushed. I kissed his urn what seamed like a hundred times and handed Him to the funeral director. I thanked everyone over and over and I decided to go home. I wanted to be alone. I really don’t remember why or how but I decided I needed a vacation. Two girlfriends and I would take a cruise. My first to the Caribbean. It was beautiful it was painful but I had some great memories to cover over the events of the last two and a half months. Again night turned into day over and over and I did something’s that I should and shouldn’t have done. I learned quickly who are my true friends and who because he wasn’t here any more were on their way out of my life. They know who they are. I didn’t make it easy I sat in solitude. I learned quickly life wasn’t changed I was changed.


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