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The bees buzzing are a true sign that spring is turning to summer!! My favorite time of year. The sun the smell of grass being cut and the flowers. 

I’m in true joy while in the garden. It gives me a true sense of peace.  I don’t want to hurry. I love just weeding and watching them grow. 

I dont mind the sweat dirt or the humidity. I’m in a zone of the purest of pleasure in my life. I love the blooming I’m saddened by having to cut the dead and the dirt under my nails isn’t a bother at all. I’m happy!!!

The colors are vibrant the smells are enough to send me into a state of euphoria and the next generation coming on always is a great joy!!! Have I said I love gardening??

I run through the daily chores work and shopping I must do to spend hours upon hours just playing in the dirt.  

So until fall I will be found outside in one of my many gardens. I don’t bother bring my phone the birds singing are the music I love  the most. Till fall.  The though saddens me but till then you’ll know where to find me


That loving feeling

Who doesn’t love love? The love of family friends your pets and that special someone all have difrent meanings  and a special place in your heart. 

A pets love is the easiest relationship you’ll ever be in.  They are happy to see you even when it’s been less Than a minute since you left . They wag circle and smile just to make sure you know how special you are to them. In return they want absolutely nothing but your love. And well maybe a scratch pat or you speaking to them in a high pitches voice telling them how special they are!

Friends are always evolving and come and go out of your life. That’s ok. A true friend is someone who you haven’t seen for while but your conversations pick up like it was yesterday. Your circle of friends change but a true friend will have your back no matter what. They want nothing more than to spend time with you and to catch up on some gossip. No naxk talking or spreading rumors they will squash them for you because they love you. 

Family – at least mine- is complicated. It’s unconditional with a fair amount of talking behind ones back. They may say what they choose but wouldn’t allow a non family member to speak ill about you unless they agree with said person. It’s back stabbing and hurtful but its family. It’s Christmas and some other holidays that are mandatory and end early because no one has a choice you go or your the subject of that days nonsense. I’ve heard a lot of talk but my defense is silence I don’t fight back. 

My daughter and son in law are the best parents- really. They work hard they are always with their kids and they are achieving the best life possible for themselves. I love to listen to them and the way the family handles their joys love and problems. They are a great “unit”.

Love heart felt love well that is something we all want and strive to have.  It comes in all sizes many versions and has the biggest part of your heart. Funny how this love can cause stress with the above if you don’t live up to their standards. I say go for it. Dont let people dictate how to love. Learn to love -and when needed relearn how to love.  Open your eyes heart and soul and maybe just maybe we can teach each other love 

Doggy Wisdom

My dog lives on the perpetually sunny side of the street. She doesn’t chase rabbits squirrels or the neighborhood cats. She doesn’t bark at the mailman – she actually sits by the fence tail wagging waiting on her  pet and scratch behind the ears and Scott always asks “how’s your day going Star?”.

She watches the neighborhood kids ride their bikes and scooters and the other dogs on the street go For their daily walks all without one single yip or yap. 

Star is a dog snob preferring the older dogs and not the young pups.  She loves going with me to weed the gardens (and other outside jobs) finding her perfect spot under a tree to take one of many daily snoozes. She’s a happy girl!! Loving every human she meets. 

She dislikes  loud noises – (though thunder doesn’t make her quiver) – she  has a true distain for the sound of a screw gun the engine sounds of my harley the crackling of empty water bottles and “suped” up car of one of the neighbors and car alarms. This sends her into a circle complete with the loudest barks she ever does!  She is inconsolable and will not stop till the noise is done!  She will watch and wait till the noise that sends her into her “dance” bark and pant is done that is till the next time.  She’s aware it may happen again!! 

She was a gift (a perfectly wonderful gift from my daughter son in law and their kids) and joined  myself and Elmer (another Shetland Sheepdog)   She played ball swam in the pool and would play with dogs at The local park.  After Elmer’s passing she lost interest in play of all kinds she will not even chew a bone for long. She will start and seam as if she’s having the best time then after about 15-20 minutes she done with it and will not touch it again   

So doggy wisdom isn’t for us to understand it’s to teach us about us. She’s taught me that grief isn’t just for the human animal it reaches into our pets souls too. Stars dislike of loud noises is never compromised and is always the same.  Her friends are Her friends without a single word ever spoken.  She doesn’t fall into the “dogs hate mailmen cats squirrels or rabbits “senerio the lesson being we are all different but the same.  Just get along. Doesn’t like dogs to much I’m thinking it tells us it’s ok to be alone and to be different. She’s a marvelous honest soul. Who’s teachings of love one another even if it’s from a distance would serve us all so well. 

She’s got a PhD in getting along with or without speaking a word. Star shines as a brilliant being who sticks to her truths and shares her sparkle with all that meet her. Thank you Miss Star for teaching me โญ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ซ๐ŸŒŸ

Rain on meย 

Love the summer! The soft warm winds the flowers the sun shinning and the kicking off of shoes and my toes in the grass. This year is different we’ve had so much rain!! 

Now don’t get me wrong I love the sound of thunder and seeing the lightning rip across the sky but this is crazy!!

April we had hot sunny 90 degree days May was wet and cool and now June I’m watching the flowers get watered and the dog acquire that special wet dog smell – ugh. 

I sit here like the kids in the “cat in the hat” looking out the window wishing for the sun to return I’m thinking Mother Earth is screaming and the rain are the tears of frustration. 

I believe our climate is changing. I know we need to apologize to nature on our misuse of her gifts. I’m waiting and not so patiently for the sun to return the vegetable plants  to produce and for the dog to not have that special doggy odor ala swamp   I’m just waiting for the long days warm nights and being outside getting a tan – with sun screen of course 

I believeย 

I believe in many things as most do. We have our opinions on people places and things. We change. We grow. We learn by doing and watching others. 

My opinion as yours is based at times on what we experience. I trust in some beliefs and challenge others. 

Some may find it difficult to stand behind still some will jump at the chance for a breath of fresh air without knowing what they are supporting   It's a change so it must be good- right?

Beliefs can be based on fear bigotry or an assumption. These are the scary ones. No evidence and give me pause to what is going through the mind of  those who blindly support them. 

Ever wonder if the beliefs you have are yours or what you've be taught? Are they just your truth or are they the truths of who we admire? 

I am challenging you to look at yours and question why you have yours   Not from a religious aspect or a handed down opinion but what your heart and soul tell you are your truths. 

I believe your truths are complicated and have had to changed as youve grown. I believe we can all have opinions without hatred. See I believe in my fellow man. I believe we are who we are and beliefs are born mostly from those we admire   I believe we need to be able to express our opinions without name calling   I believe in love thy fellow man. 

I believe I will leave you with this. Knowledge is power and it's ok to change your beliefs and express them. Ignorance spawns hatred and we need to understand and challenge old hand me down nonsensical beliefs just to roll along with those we have elevated into positions of power in our lives. 

I believe in you. I believe you can change the world for the better. I believe you will – truly I do


Happiness is the sun shinning and the thunder lightning and rain. 

Happiness is lazing about in a hammock with a good book and a cold drink and working the garden while sweat stings  you eyes and seeing the results of your labor. 

Happiness is paying off  your home car so you have a couple more bucks and looking for that perfect home or auto to sign the loan papers again. 

Happiness is what you make it. It’s a state of mind that is glorious to achieve 

Snake and the spider

Strong words sting. They are like a viper waiting to strike when you least expect- from those you thought would never utter a word against you. The venomous words are injected left to stew in your very being. Then it happens you find the humor in it!

Beyond what the truth is and what was done is the comic element of it all. It's lost on those who "give" but not on those who "receive ".  Between what's right and wrong is the happiness that you once had. After the bite is given and the pain is over there are memories. The laughs the things we only know and the ones we wish we didn't  are the smiles – the love is never lost but it's never spoken of and frozen by the strike. 

So I smile. You don't.  you spit the words of mistrust and bring in a little spider to help spin. And you win – or did you?? When you coil wrap and squeeze to make sure your words are seared into the souls of your audience I learn. I learned I love but will never trust you again. You'll be held at an arms length and you and the spider will continue until the fun is gone and go to the next person who's life is not what you want it to be. 

Love is unconditional  I know your comments have proven that I should beware . I will be happy with a sever limp provided by your venom love you from afar but I thank you for showing me who you are the snake and the spider.