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Waking lessons


Beautiful morning. Birds have began to sing, coffee brewing, and music makes me dance , well shimmy a bit.
I’m happy, awake, and want to get the day started.

After their breakfast my two Shetland Sheepdogs do a jig of their own. One the four year old ( as of April 19th) zips around jumping , circling and happy. The second dog is thirteen. He hops a bit and pleads with me with his all knowing eyes to just get the leashes and make her stop. She doesn’t and he’s annoyed.

With the leads on we head for the door she’s out first and I hold the door for him. She’s still rotating and wanting, no needing to get this walk started he’s patient and looking forward to his AM stroll. She’s happy , young, and over zealous. He’s happy , older, and shaking off the nights stiffness. I look at them and grab the nylon straps and hold on loosely.

First down the drive and into the lane where she’s still twirling and wishing we would hurry up. We say good morning to an elderly black lab who’s overweight, limping, and his age. I pat her and present her with a doggy treat. She’s aggravated by the jumping and childlike behavior and pays more attention to him. They’ve known each other from the time they were pups. We move on at a leisurely pace and I believe we all are loving the sunshine on our backs. We are smiling inside and out.

We crossover a side street, wave to neighbors and she has now begun to place the leash in her mouth and want to play tug of war. He is not amused. Onward and our pace had begun to slow a bit. He looks happy but confused that his legs will not carry him as they once did. They don’t chase the neighbors cat, squirrels , or rabbits that we cross paths with. It’s a lovely walk.

We have to stop because he’s just so tired. I stop she paces in circles wondering why we have. I pat his head and scratch his ears and tell him that he can take all the time he needs. Now she is the one who’s not amused. We watch as others go around us and check on our well being. Five minutes later he’s up and we are off again.

The rest of the walk is filled with the normal things that if we don’t look for we pass without a further thought. The tulips are just about to bloom along with the hyician and the daffodil smiling faces are reaching for the sky. Kids that we haven’t seen over the cold months have grown and new babies are being pushed in strollers. We push on and our pace is quite slow and his paws are deliberately placed one in front of another. Almost home.

I want to be sad for him. I want him to be the dog that was just a bit of a hand full but I can’t be, he’s happy. He’s a rock. He’s sturdy as any thirteen year old can be He’s handsome, kind, and patient. What more can I ask for? He loves me unconditionally. He knows all my secrets and doesn’t share them. He’s happy when I am and knows when I am sad. I’m his friend not his owner.

So tomorrow we will get up they will have their kibble and I will drink my coffee. The music will be playing and she will be overly energetic and he will be ready to roll out on his morning stroll. Dogs teach without saying a word. We have to remember to listen Or the lessons will be unlearned

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