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You will never believe – let me tell you a story

I as people know am a widow. I became a member of this awful club on 2/7/10 after my husband of 30 years died of multiple system failure after getting the flu and being on the biological drug called Enbrel. His death was sudden harsh and threw me into a panic I couldn’t explain if I tried – that’s a face to face conversation (if you’re brave enough).

Years passed my friends left my family talks About me and man chose to be brave enough to take me on. Yeah Todd!!!!

Fast forward to 1/26/18 we have been looking for a dog to adopt. (Have you ever tried? Think I could get a child quicker 😂). From about last spring. We had thought we would take my daughters dog because at times it wasn’t a perfect fit. But on January 26 I was remembering sad and morning Dale – you see it was our 38th Anniversary. Opening my emails just to see what I needed to do I seen “you’ve been matched with a dog click to see ” so dutifully I clicked. This little low rider dog who was a stray needed a home. His name was Dale B well guess who needed him??? ME!!!!

I’m approved!!! He’s coming from Alabama to Pennsylvania on 2/17/18.

I teased you – it’s a beginning. Never had a short haired dog – my present dog will hate it for a bit and it’s proven to me that those we love and lose look after us cradle our hearts and send us signs. In my case Dale Byers sent me Dale B on a day of past memories to make me remember that future memories are possible

Thanks Dale Byers for still loving me and sending me gifts