A million an one

Everyone has a view on everything going on in the world. They are sometimes driven by religion political views or by experience.

I have them too. I’m called a “liberal” because I try to live by the motto “live and let live”. Doesn’t mean I’m right but I surly can’t be wrong all the time – I stand for what I believe in and love a lively debate. That’s the problem.

I think our society has gone from let’s talk about it to let’s attack each other. This boggles my mind. How can you ever have someone respect your opinion when people at times feel as if the only way to do this is through harsh demeaning criticism?

Calling someone stupid uneducated or even worse tends to make people think that it’s not worth their time to listen and take into consideration your side of a story. I’ve heard people say the unkindest things to people who are important to them. I get heated exchanges but getting a point across isn’t accomplished by cruel words.

So yep there are a million people who agree with each other – a million who can’t – I’m the million and one who can see both sides with keeping my opinion the same. That’s good enough for me. I’ve evolved changing or have “tweaked ” my thoughts as I age but I truly think the world would be boring as hell if we all agreed. I wish we could do it in a civil way.


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