I am willing to help when I can the worse is when you plan and then you have to wait on someone.
"Be right there I can't find my keys" –
"Ok". "Still looking and I'm going to change my shoes" "ok". "Wait my (insert name) called give me just a minute " "ok".
"I'll be in the car." Ok".
15 minutes later – I go back in. "You almost ready ?" "Yeah give me a minute!!" "Ok. I have to be (insert place) in about 20 minutes." "You should have told me you couldn't do it!" "I didn't say that. ". "Wow your really grumpy today!!" "Ok".
Five minutes later they are out of the house. I go along the route. Not much is being said. "Mind stopping at the store (put what Mart you have near you)." "Can we do this when I pick you up please." "Why it's on the way?" "I'm going to be late!" "You should have thought of that!"

Moral of the story – call me when you're ready!


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