Nice is the nicest thing to do

I am a widow. For two years I walked through fog. I trusted people I shouldn’t have and found out I needed to change my life. Friends left or kept a distance. It’s ok

Today a friend who lost her husband in March got a tongue lashing from a long lost family member on social media. Sad but true. This prompted a phone call from her to me.

Please don’t be cruel. It’s a time of uncertainty pain and weakness. People think your ok after a year the second year was worse for me. It was when I realized those who where in my life would leave and it’s loneliness on steroids. It’s finding who you are (I was with my husband from 17 on). These men died and left gaping holes in our hearts. They died young. We are considered young widows. My husband died suddenly as hers died of cancer yet so suddenly too.

So be nice. Don’t give advice you have no expertise in. Be kind. Be loving. If not and you’re uncomfortable it’s ok to just not be involved in ones life. Don’t feel guilty. It happens. We all have to move past grief this is life. It sucks but the generous thing to do is be honest without harsh words actions or deeds.

Nice truly is the nicest thing to do ❤️


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