When the sun isn’t shinning

We all have them the blues the bland blah feelings and we do anything and everything to get out of them.

Missing people get me into them as does people that don't listen to my feelings I'm one that just becomes quiet. Don't know why but I do.

I go and do the things I love but it doesn't help. I eat my favorite foods nope not doing it for me. I talk to people no no not helping.

Time and healing is the only thing that does.

As I sit here I'm watching shows I love and thinking of how I get myself into these blues. The only answer I have is that people at times do not listen to me no matter how hard or how many times I say things. So time will heal me. I have to do it and I will.

I am so far from perfect but not far enough to be disrespected. I miss them time will heal me in a day or two I'm hoping. Then I will think and do it again – let's hope not but maybe.

Be kind to one another someone's silence it's being cruel to you it's just an insufficient way of handling something that other wise would once again not be heard


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