The meaning of love

So here I sit feeling somewhat blah and thinking in 98 plus degrees. I was thinking what is love – I mean what really does love mean.

I love people I really do!!! But for many different reasons. I love their kindness caring their involvement in social issues. I love my family for all they do even their quirks – God knows I have many of them. My friends for their company the laughs and always being there for me.

I love the summer spring fall and winter in that order. I love flowers seafood and cake – I can leave the icing

I love my dog!!! She knows my secrets and never tells she’s there when I cry laugh and never judges me.

I love riding my motorcycle for the wind the sound and the ability to leave my problems for the time I ride her.

I love the night sky and the beauty of its vastness. the ocean for making me feel humbled. The mountains for making me feel small. The fields for their ability to feed people. The little kids who laugh and show me the pure joy of nothing and everything.

Music – how can you not be transported to a time and place you either love or loathed. The singing of birds the wiggles of puppies and kittens. The fluffy clouds in a blue sky and the threat of the dark clouds before a thunderstorm.

Watching people on a boardwalk riding bikes swimming and the sound of laughter.

Trees budding in spring smell of upcoming rain in summer the smell of spices in the fall turkey and pumpkin pie.

So love. My dearest emotion is one who has many faces and evolves as I age.

I love love ❀️

S coffee yes coffee is my first love of the day 😊


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