So it goes

Times a funny thing. It speeds up when your having fun and drags when you dread the tasks ahead of you.

Today as I did yesterday and will tomorrow (hopefully) drink my coffee and try my best to do a good job cheerfully to raise monies for cancer.

It's a increasingly difficult job on the grass roots level. With all the social media allowing everyone from the comfort of their home to pick and choose the charities of their choices and forgetting the hard work of the gardeners that try to keep money in their communities.

I am the dandelion on the perfect green lawn. The crabgrass the unwanted but needed person that goes to your business to ask for your support. I know I'm one of many but please just smile and take
The literature explains my cause and donate if possible.

So I'm off to help those who I don't know and to keep those who have died in my thoughts. To listen and sympathize with those living this nightmare called cancer Smile I will with the knowledge in some small way I tried


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