Never in my life would I have thought I would write anything with this title. But today set in motion emotions I didn't want to have  

Going to visit someone in the hospital is always trying. What made it worse was a two hour drive after a frantic call while at a funeral. It was distressing to say the least. 

We made our way there and went into the patients room. There sat the soon to be spouse annoyed and talking loudly on their phone two kids with shoes off jumping on the next bed and throwing food – yes throwing food about the room. With the patient trying to explain the situation. 

The patient was hot and asked soon to be spouse for a fan – "no I'd have to go home and clean it" I was at the edge.  After about an hour and a half and several more times asking for the fan at home I said "where's Walmart around here I will go and get one!" The soon to be spouse didn't answer the five and eight year old told me where it was. We got into the car and we're bewildered by the actions of the patients "better" half  yes I'm being sarcastic. Came back and the loved one on the phone talking so loudly kids board jumping and being loud I decided to do math problems with them. 

I had to leave. I said well "let's get going we have a ride and the dog is at home". The parent of the children hung up and announced they were going to the pool without saying goodbye packed the kids up and left. 

So many more unkind words were said and the patient didn't comment im sure out of embarrassment. So keep your children at home they aren't bad they are board and be kind just because your wedding plans are top priority to you at the moment doesn't give anyone the right to be so rude . Sales of the pyramid type in my opinion are cult like and people become obsessed. I'm rethinking my attendance and certainly my gift. 

Unkindness sucks


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