BUT Wait I have15hours more!!!

It’s over thought I had at least 15 hours more. Nope phone call on a land line at the property we rented set in motion to get off the island.  “Emergency go to higher ground”. We did.  So hauling suitcases bags and the trailer with two Harley’s(one not being mine)  we head out.  “Pick the music you like!”  Crap. Some southern rock and off we go. 

We are swaying as we cross the bridge off the island and trying to keep up with the friends who’s bike haul we haul with our own. 

I’d like to have stayed. Nope. With all of the stuff we brought along with the 90% of others stuff we get in the car and head the two plus hours home. 

So off we go and hope we have mother natures blessing.   I will not wake up in our rental property but happy to get into my pups furry happiness. 

This sucks and I need to tell Those who Chose to listen to me (no one)  that it is absolutely more dangerous to leave In a windy downpour than to have water out fount 

On our way home 😂 damned I had at least 15 more hours. Next year I WILL get them in 😎


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