Six Days and six friends at the shore

I’m here-  At the shore –  With six of the best people and being on day six and still thinking they are great and still wanting f to hang out with them is what I’m told unusual. 

We have gone to the beach a water park rode the rides on the boardwalk ate at wonderful restaurants and sat on the porch with adult drinks and laughed and laughed some more!!

Two more days and I will be home.  I miss my dog but will miss waking up with my friends.  

The horrible coffee the sand in my shorts and the smell of sun tan lotion will be sadly missed. The bustle of getting on bathing suits the organized caois of showers and the most uncomfortable beds known to mankind!!

Pizza Beer And blender crushing ice will be a memory. The squawking of seagulls sound of flip flops and the scraping of the sand chairs on concrete. The walk to the beach and the dragging of oneself home after a day in the sun. 

Life guards whistles the smacking of balls on paddles bogie boards flipping in the waves riderless and numerous sand castles made and recaimed by the ocean. 

The raising of the flag every morning at 9:20 while the national anthem plays the heat of the sun and the salt in the air.  The true beauty of friendship. 

I should be packing but that can wait I have two days to make more memories – and they will be of one liners and private jokes we will only think are funny. 

Six days two left and six of the most wonderful people in my life 


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