Cat in the hat vacation 

So I’m getting ready!!! Yep a vacation with our closest friends!!! Yeah we’ve been planning since January seams as if it wasn’t just around the bend – WoooHoooo!!! I screamed as I stared at my list – no way of getting around it we will need all of this!!

We are taking bed lines towels sunscreen and motorcycles galore! It’s finding a trailer cause we can’t take as many or no  more Toothbrushes liquor gas up the car!!  It’s paper and plastic and dog sitter it’s truly not that far!! Mail stopped neighbors notified and a birthday party while we are there I thought I’d be leaving without a Care!!!

It’s shorts and swim suits and a hat for the sun – lord knows i didn’t think we need all this for one week of fun!! Grab the blanket for I always am cold – the sweater and aloe I need for the sunburn I’ll get so I’m told.  

It’s ziplocks and boxes and bags – its presents snacks and party gags!! Don’t forget to cut the lawn – on Saturday it’s off at the crack of dawn!!!

Do you have any room? I’m asked with a hopeful look. I don’t know yes I can take if it’s a size of a book. 

It will be so much laughter talking and fun – I just hate packing I wish I was done!!!


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