July 5th

So the rockets red glare – those professional and those lit off by someone who’s had one to many at someone’s picnic- are all over.  Well I think so anyway. 

The hotdogs have been roasted and eaten to excess at Nates in New York there are left overs a plenty in anyone’s home who’s had a picnic and non consumed adult beverages are floating in coolers across the nation. 

July 5th.  In six months Christmas and the New Year will have been celebrated. In two short months we will have the last hoorah of the summer with Labor Day and four and one half months Halloween will be over and turkey gone a month later with thanksgiving. 

Makes you think – where does the time go?  July is that half way mark of  the year. The height of summer and all the glory of  flip flops sunscreen and lazy afternoons in the sun. Of swimming gardening and trips to the shore. To make time for friends who sit outside laughing and the stories of vacations – those that have passed and those to come.  I love July!!!!

So July 5th we should acknowledge as the day of what was and what will be!!! A day of hope and nostalgia- a day of remembrance and one of what will be. 

I love the bliss of summer my best memories are in this season. So all hale July 5th and her June and August buddies. Go out into those coolers And salute her ❤️


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