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When the sun isn’t shinning

We all have them the blues the bland blah feelings and we do anything and everything to get out of them.

Missing people get me into them as does people that don't listen to my feelings I'm one that just becomes quiet. Don't know why but I do.

I go and do the things I love but it doesn't help. I eat my favorite foods nope not doing it for me. I talk to people no no not helping.

Time and healing is the only thing that does.

As I sit here I'm watching shows I love and thinking of how I get myself into these blues. The only answer I have is that people at times do not listen to me no matter how hard or how many times I say things. So time will heal me. I have to do it and I will.

I am so far from perfect but not far enough to be disrespected. I miss them time will heal me in a day or two I'm hoping. Then I will think and do it again – let's hope not but maybe.

Be kind to one another someone's silence it's being cruel to you it's just an insufficient way of handling something that other wise would once again not be heard


The meaning of love

So here I sit feeling somewhat blah and thinking in 98 plus degrees. I was thinking what is love – I mean what really does love mean.

I love people I really do!!! But for many different reasons. I love their kindness caring their involvement in social issues. I love my family for all they do even their quirks – God knows I have many of them. My friends for their company the laughs and always being there for me.

I love the summer spring fall and winter in that order. I love flowers seafood and cake – I can leave the icing

I love my dog!!! She knows my secrets and never tells she’s there when I cry laugh and never judges me.

I love riding my motorcycle for the wind the sound and the ability to leave my problems for the time I ride her.

I love the night sky and the beauty of its vastness. the ocean for making me feel humbled. The mountains for making me feel small. The fields for their ability to feed people. The little kids who laugh and show me the pure joy of nothing and everything.

Music – how can you not be transported to a time and place you either love or loathed. The singing of birds the wiggles of puppies and kittens. The fluffy clouds in a blue sky and the threat of the dark clouds before a thunderstorm.

Watching people on a boardwalk riding bikes swimming and the sound of laughter.

Trees budding in spring smell of upcoming rain in summer the smell of spices in the fall turkey and pumpkin pie.

So love. My dearest emotion is one who has many faces and evolves as I age.

I love love ❀️

S coffee yes coffee is my first love of the day 😊

So it goes

Times a funny thing. It speeds up when your having fun and drags when you dread the tasks ahead of you.

Today as I did yesterday and will tomorrow (hopefully) drink my coffee and try my best to do a good job cheerfully to raise monies for cancer.

It's a increasingly difficult job on the grass roots level. With all the social media allowing everyone from the comfort of their home to pick and choose the charities of their choices and forgetting the hard work of the gardeners that try to keep money in their communities.

I am the dandelion on the perfect green lawn. The crabgrass the unwanted but needed person that goes to your business to ask for your support. I know I'm one of many but please just smile and take
The literature explains my cause and donate if possible.

So I'm off to help those who I don't know and to keep those who have died in my thoughts. To listen and sympathize with those living this nightmare called cancer Smile I will with the knowledge in some small way I tried


Never in my life would I have thought I would write anything with this title. But today set in motion emotions I didn't want to have  

Going to visit someone in the hospital is always trying. What made it worse was a two hour drive after a frantic call while at a funeral. It was distressing to say the least. 

We made our way there and went into the patients room. There sat the soon to be spouse annoyed and talking loudly on their phone two kids with shoes off jumping on the next bed and throwing food – yes throwing food about the room. With the patient trying to explain the situation. 

The patient was hot and asked soon to be spouse for a fan – "no I'd have to go home and clean it" I was at the edge.  After about an hour and a half and several more times asking for the fan at home I said "where's Walmart around here I will go and get one!" The soon to be spouse didn't answer the five and eight year old told me where it was. We got into the car and we're bewildered by the actions of the patients "better" half  yes I'm being sarcastic. Came back and the loved one on the phone talking so loudly kids board jumping and being loud I decided to do math problems with them. 

I had to leave. I said well "let's get going we have a ride and the dog is at home". The parent of the children hung up and announced they were going to the pool without saying goodbye packed the kids up and left. 

So many more unkind words were said and the patient didn't comment im sure out of embarrassment. So keep your children at home they aren't bad they are board and be kind just because your wedding plans are top priority to you at the moment doesn't give anyone the right to be so rude . Sales of the pyramid type in my opinion are cult like and people become obsessed. I'm rethinking my attendance and certainly my gift. 

Unkindness sucks

BUT Wait I have15hours more!!!

It’s over thought I had at least 15 hours more. Nope phone call on a land line at the property we rented set in motion to get off the island.  “Emergency go to higher ground”. We did.  So hauling suitcases bags and the trailer with two Harley’s(one not being mine)  we head out.  “Pick the music you like!”  Crap. Some southern rock and off we go. 

We are swaying as we cross the bridge off the island and trying to keep up with the friends who’s bike haul we haul with our own. 

I’d like to have stayed. Nope. With all of the stuff we brought along with the 90% of others stuff we get in the car and head the two plus hours home. 

So off we go and hope we have mother natures blessing.   I will not wake up in our rental property but happy to get into my pups furry happiness. 

This sucks and I need to tell Those who Chose to listen to me (no one)  that it is absolutely more dangerous to leave In a windy downpour than to have water out fount 

On our way home πŸ˜‚ damned I had at least 15 more hours. Next year I WILL get them in 😎

Six Days and six friends at the shore

I’m here-  At the shore –  With six of the best people and being on day six and still thinking they are great and still wanting f to hang out with them is what I’m told unusual. 

We have gone to the beach a water park rode the rides on the boardwalk ate at wonderful restaurants and sat on the porch with adult drinks and laughed and laughed some more!!

Two more days and I will be home.  I miss my dog but will miss waking up with my friends.  

The horrible coffee the sand in my shorts and the smell of sun tan lotion will be sadly missed. The bustle of getting on bathing suits the organized caois of showers and the most uncomfortable beds known to mankind!!

Pizza Beer And blender crushing ice will be a memory. The squawking of seagulls sound of flip flops and the scraping of the sand chairs on concrete. The walk to the beach and the dragging of oneself home after a day in the sun. 

Life guards whistles the smacking of balls on paddles bogie boards flipping in the waves riderless and numerous sand castles made and recaimed by the ocean. 

The raising of the flag every morning at 9:20 while the national anthem plays the heat of the sun and the salt in the air.  The true beauty of friendship. 

I should be packing but that can wait I have two days to make more memories – and they will be of one liners and private jokes we will only think are funny. 

Six days two left and six of the most wonderful people in my life 

Cat in the hat vacationΒ 

So I’m getting ready!!! Yep a vacation with our closest friends!!! Yeah we’ve been planning since January seams as if it wasn’t just around the bend – WoooHoooo!!! I screamed as I stared at my list – no way of getting around it we will need all of this!!

We are taking bed lines towels sunscreen and motorcycles galore! It’s finding a trailer cause we can’t take as many or no  more Toothbrushes liquor gas up the car!!  It’s paper and plastic and dog sitter it’s truly not that far!! Mail stopped neighbors notified and a birthday party while we are there I thought I’d be leaving without a Care!!!

It’s shorts and swim suits and a hat for the sun – lord knows i didn’t think we need all this for one week of fun!! Grab the blanket for I always am cold – the sweater and aloe I need for the sunburn I’ll get so I’m told.  

It’s ziplocks and boxes and bags – its presents snacks and party gags!! Don’t forget to cut the lawn – on Saturday it’s off at the crack of dawn!!!

Do you have any room? I’m asked with a hopeful look. I don’t know yes I can take if it’s a size of a book. 

It will be so much laughter talking and fun – I just hate packing I wish I was done!!!