What  life has given me

I'm tired of people saying how rough they have it. It's life. I'm not saying we all don't have rough patches that we think will never end and our hearts are broken but we are fortunate think about it really fortunate. 

We wake up. That's the first gift of the new day. We may have aches and pains we May not have enough money food or love but we are here to witness a new day. 

We are able to change what we chose to change. Something's are better left as they are so you don't hurt someone again but we all have things we can change. 

We have people who care about us. We may not like how they show us how they care but they do. 

So as I start this day there are people I miss. But I know weather we are separated by death by Miles or by small disagreements I love them and they love me. Life teaches me new things everyday and complaining about small or made up nonsense isn't the way to wake to the day. You don't have to say it out loud if you chose not to but say it to yourself "I will do something productive today". "My aches and pains are NOTHING compared to those suffering with life threatening illnesses ".  "I will not be negative it only makes my life miserable ".

And that my friend in a small little blog what life has given me today. 


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