The Strangers Story

I do a benefit for cancer every year this being the 20th year. I say this because this has taught me many thing among them is patience and kindness. 

Today while going to businesses to ask for donations and giving out flyers I saw an older gentleman sitting on a bench. As I pass I said hello And asked if he was ok. He asked “what do you have there?” I replied that it was for a benefit to raise monies for cancer. He asked if he could have one. I said absolutely. I handed him one and watched him read it place it on his lap and the look me straight in the eye and asked me if he could tell me a story. 

The story was this. He was in the service and going to war in Korea and he had a girl. They decided to get married before he left. They married in Philadelphia at what I assume was a Catholic Church a Saint Theresa of something – I didn’t hear. He described his brides dress as a suit thing “ya know with a jacket and buttons”.  He said that she had a corsage of white flowers and a Blue ribbon to match her outfit.  He wore his uniform and only their families and close friends went to the nuptials. 

Afterwards they went to the brides house for an nice meal “chicken stuffing mashed potatoes- all Home made!”.  They had a cake to he thinks her sister made it. “Wasn’t that good but she liked it.”  They talked laughed and they didn’t have a honeymoon. They stayed at the brides house until he was deployed. 

He was back in eighteen months-“or close enough ” and stayed with his in laws until they bought their house in the new Levittown Pennsylvania. They had five kids 2 girls 3 boys. “Everything was good!”  She like Bingo he liked sports. They raised their children who gave them grandchildren who gave him great grandchildren!  

“About three years ago she wasn’t feeling right”.  He stared off in the distance as if he was transported back to that day. “Went to the Doctor. You know them he did test sent her to another doctor who did more test and it came Back cancer. Woman’s cancer”.  

“She had surgery and they said it was really bad”.  From what I can tell she had some chemo but it was to far advanced. She died “just a little over a year later”.

He said he misses her horribly not that his kids dont love him “it’s just not the same”. Being a widow I understand completely. 

It was in all a little under an hour.  An hour that taught me that time isn’t money time is precious. That time He gave to me will remain in my heart forever. I thank you for teaching me kind sir and sharing your story with me. 

Cancer sucks and the stories I hear are hard but keep me wanting to do fund raising 


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