Robin William

The beautiful melodic songs of the birds in the summer is one reason I like having my windows open. They start about 4:30 am and continue till the last light of the day. They chirp out announcing the suns arrival and fall silent when the stars take their place in the sky.

There's always one that just can't or will not follow the others.  This year it's a Robin.  He starts more than likely with the rest but that were the similarities end.  I call him William. 

William melodies continue to fill the air until at least 10pm. Then with the crickets taking over he stops for a bit. He more than likely listens and throughout the night chimes in with his music. I'm sure he thinks he's better. 

He must be exhausted!!! But I'm sure he knows how good he sounds and that his time to sing is confined to a couple of months   I'm with William I to try to cram the most into the summer time. 

With June almost done and July knock hard on the summer calendar William continues in his one man band.  He's always on tune   He sounds excited with every note he produces and William is the one and only night singing robin in my neighborhood. . 

I look forward to his concerts and pray that this summer goes by slowly – it never does but I hope William will continue to be different   I love William!!!! 

We should all be Williams!  Not following the norm hurting none and bringing beauty to the earth whenever possible. Singing out with joy over everything and nothing. William is a one bird band who's talents are not missed by this fan.  I love William his talent and the fact he brings his happiness to me day and night.  

Be a William!


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