Day for the Widows 

I was inducted to the class of 2010 when my husband died suddenly and today I learned there is a day for this too. I understand the purpose behind it but a day to remember the most horrible day of my life is just incomprehensible. 

I read that this day is to let those who don’t know how economically challenging it is to loose your spouse   Its inexplainable to those who have been fortunate enough not to be in this position.  

So thank you but no thank you. My economical position will not change because you’ve named a day after a box I have checked since 2010 (widow). Want to help? Then may I humbly ask that you understand the money you spend to promote this day could be given to those in need. 

I hate that I’m a member of this class but saddened that naming a day after my status without support is even in exsistence  June 23rd will now be a day that some celebrate – I will not – now it seared into my brain and like salt in my wounds a reminder of my loss


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