Beauty and its other side 

Beauty is as my grandmother used to say “in the eye of the beholder”!  Truer words have never been spoken. 

I see the beauty of the oak tree in my yard yet in the fall I curse the acorns.  I love the green grass and walking barefoot yet when I have to cut the grass in ninety degree weather I’m not so happy and stubbing my toe or walking on a stone can cause cursing and an odd dance that for some Reason I do every time!!!

Summer storms are intriguing but can dampen a picnic.  Flower and their scents fill the air – mmmm – and the bee who’s busy pollinating can sting you. Gardening is my joy I can spend hours planting and weeding. Some who don’t share my joy allow poison ivy to grow and give me a rash!

The summer nights cool breezes are just perfect to sit out and gaze at the glory of the night sky – until the mosquitos start biting and if you remember to put on bug spray you end up sticky and the smell of it disturbs the smell of honeysuckle in the air. 

So you see it’s all about perspective. I will see the beauty but I do lapse into the ugly side of things for a moment.  I do not want to be the pessimist I want to be the glass full person   Beauty is seen through our eyes and for me at least is the better half of what some may call ugly .  


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