The cost of  “would you do the honor “

Weddings. Big Small first or second and you’ve been asked “would you do me the honor of being in my wedding?”  How do you say no – most don’t they dutifully go to the bridal place and tux place to spend hundreds of dollars for one day – one day of  a dress you’d never buy and a tux that isn’t your style.

Now that just he outfit !! Add in shoes hair jewelry to match the dress you wouldnt be caught dead in. For the guys to rent an uncomfortable suit in the middle of summer and it all adds up to misery.

Then you have showers – that I now know the bride has her hand in to plan and to tell just what she wants done on the day. Everything from colors to cakes to even the gift you buy is orcastrated   The men have the bachelor party and of course now the girls have to have a brides version too. And the tab is on you!!!

So “doing the honor of” cost thousands. It’s gotten so that if your uncomfortable with how things are going and your wallet is thin doesn’t matter as long as the bride is happy. It saddens me   Then you have to on top of the pre parties you have to buy a gift.  Not just any gift a gift your told to buy. When has this spun so out of control?

It’s become “cool” to be a bridezilla.  It’s one day and I believe couples have forgotten that it’s suppose to be a day of fun.  I’ve been disgusted by the couple making fun of someone’s gift. Did they ever stop to think that they thought of you and may have spent money they didn’t have on you.?And then the day of you’re suppose to give cash that equals what they paid for you to be there.  I find this revolting.  Again if grandmom a friend or relative has ten dollars and they give it to you  from the heart when has it become ok to announce to those that will listen how much the wedding is costing you!!   Sad.

So when you are asked to do the honor of remember it’s ok to say NO!!! It’s in my not needed opinion to give a gift in YOUR price range not the couples. And for the love of sanity let’s dump the bridezilla act. It’s so unbecoming   Let the shower be a surprise and be greatful for anything that you’re given. Weddings have become a day of over spending and trying to keep up with the jones while whining and telling anyone who will listen how stress out you are. Go get married have fun it’s not the wedding day that counts it’s the years of togetherness that does.


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