Summertime and the swimming ain’t easy

Love just love going in the back yard and jumping into the pool – especially when it’s early morning or late night.  Set the towel on the deck cold drink sunscreen and turn the phone off. For me it’s perfect!

That’s my dream the reality is go out back forgot the towel a bee has drown In The cold drink and the sunscreen I’ve used expired.  Early morning the cats are creeping out of the garden they’ve used as a rest room and the mosquitoes attack me  at night!  

So try again. All my gear is there. I jump in – feels great I splash the cat and float like I’m in the clouds. Then it happens – I thought I thought of everything!!! The kids in the neighborhood conviently walk up the driveway just to say hello on this 90 degree morning. 

So hi Mrs Byers how are you? Whatcha doin?  Me nothing how are you? Hot!!! It’s just so hot I can’t even ride my bike!!! I like your towel!  Whatcha drinkin?  Me ok go ask your mom and dad and make sure you bring your own towel.  Fifteen minutes later. Hi!!!! I’m back!!! Mom said I can only go swimming with you if my brother and sister are allowed. Me – defeated ok.  They jump in slash around and an hour later I say ok time for me to get something’s done. We have to get out. Them ooooohhh!!!! I climb out wrap my towel around me. They jump out with pruned fingers blue lips and shivering.  We forgot our towels!! 

So four towel and one babysitting job later I’m in the house. Spying out the windows till they are out of sight and I slip back into the pool. I’m floating with sunglasses a ball cap pulled down so I don’t see anyone   Ten minutes of bliss then it happens.  Hey Mrs Byers thought you had to do somethings in the house to do! Me resigned as I drag myself out of the water yeah right now I’m doing them right now.  

Summertime and the swimming definitely isn’t easy 


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