Cinderella’s Claim to fame

White horses clopping carrying a pumpkin carriage footmen and of course the beautiful Cinderella!  That to me along with all the other Disney Princesses is what in my mind is a princess. 

We through that term around and was wondering what are we teaching our girls?  

We tell them you’re my princess – you look like a princess – you are a princess!  So in there young minds are the thinking the carriage will be pulling up any minute to wisk  them away to their castle? Or do they believe that they are saved from chores are above others and do they in their developing brains believe that they are better then all of the other princesses?

We are raising – yes we are – a generation that have lost compassion. They are focused on having better “things” then those around them and if another princesses castle clothes or “carriage ” is less then Theirs they are not very kind. 

We have blurred the lines between hard work to gain and what princesses deserve. A quick reminder we dont deserve anything we go forward through education hard work and kindness to our fellow man. 

So I understand some will say it’s a term of endearment and I agree that’s what it is however look around.  Listened. The girls who are given to much and who think they are prettier smarter (without the benefit of education and maturity) and “deserve” without trying have become the princesses of the castle brat.   I long to go back and reverse this trend. 

If I’ve offended you at least a conversation will begin. Remember Cinderella started off in ashes and through her kindness  learning became the princess we know today


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