Thunder and Rain

As I sit here where I live we have  just completed our  second heat wave (3 days of over 90) and the clouds are heavy today. You can smell the rain coming!  

May was cold and rainy June in the beginning was cool then summer heat kicked in. 

I dutifully water the gardens sweat and hope the humidity levels fall. And I wait.  Today’s the day as is the whole weekend rain will visit with humidity levels close to one hundred percent.  

I love the thunder that accompanies the rain this time of year it’s oddly soothing to me.  Thunder snow is cool but a good thunderstorm in the warmth of the summer months just fascinates me.  

The flowers grass and trees know it’s coming!!! They stretch towards the clouds and wait for Mother Nature to do her thing. They grow better with her help.

Then It dawns on me it’s not the thunder that produces the results it the rain. And then I know that we can be the thunder or rain. 

Another lesson learned. Thank you Mother Nature 


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