Sounds of silence

Summer brings with it the songs of the birds they wake me up ever morning and the tree frogs And crickets lull me to sleep with their sweet sounds – this I long for in the dead of winter. 

The kids -that are few and far between-  ride bike and scooters they throw balls and frisbees between the laughing and crying fowl I truly love it !!!

Sprinklers the ice cream man home improvement projects the crows and pick up games all have their own music. 

Quiet in the dead of night. Stars blazing the moon shinning. The lighting bugs dance and the neighbors unwanted cat visit the gardens without a sound   I pray for this always the silent night and it’s darkened beauty   The peace and comfort that comes with the darkness interupted by slivers of sunlight and the songs of the birds   

A viscous and summer cycle.  I love it 


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