Ignorance and Bliss

Yesterday Today and again Tomorrow I willFind those who the truth offends.  I’m not talking about opinions bullying  but those who are in the state of eternal bliss of ignorance   

I’m told that people are offended if facts don’t support their agenda. Why?  I may not and sometimes don’t like reality but it’s there smacking  me in the face.  So I take it think about it and go on my way. 

Not those dancing in the joy of their own reality.  “Don’t do that” or the ever popular “I know but…..”. Continue to be spoken and the truth skirted. 

Those with the knowledge need not speak although it’s frustrating the obvious reality will come about.  I wish no harm only help. Not to be a know it all just to help.  I will sit on the sidelines and watch the twirling the tapping the grinding but eventually the bliss comes from knowledge 


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