The bees buzzing are a true sign that spring is turning to summer!! My favorite time of year. The sun the smell of grass being cut and the flowers. 

I’m in true joy while in the garden. It gives me a true sense of peace.  I don’t want to hurry. I love just weeding and watching them grow. 

I dont mind the sweat dirt or the humidity. I’m in a zone of the purest of pleasure in my life. I love the blooming I’m saddened by having to cut the dead and the dirt under my nails isn’t a bother at all. I’m happy!!!

The colors are vibrant the smells are enough to send me into a state of euphoria and the next generation coming on always is a great joy!!! Have I said I love gardening??

I run through the daily chores work and shopping I must do to spend hours upon hours just playing in the dirt.  

So until fall I will be found outside in one of my many gardens. I don’t bother bring my phone the birds singing are the music I love  the most. Till fall.  The though saddens me but till then you’ll know where to find me


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