That loving feeling

Who doesn’t love love? The love of family friends your pets and that special someone all have difrent meanings  and a special place in your heart. 

A pets love is the easiest relationship you’ll ever be in.  They are happy to see you even when it’s been less Than a minute since you left . They wag circle and smile just to make sure you know how special you are to them. In return they want absolutely nothing but your love. And well maybe a scratch pat or you speaking to them in a high pitches voice telling them how special they are!

Friends are always evolving and come and go out of your life. That’s ok. A true friend is someone who you haven’t seen for while but your conversations pick up like it was yesterday. Your circle of friends change but a true friend will have your back no matter what. They want nothing more than to spend time with you and to catch up on some gossip. No naxk talking or spreading rumors they will squash them for you because they love you. 

Family – at least mine- is complicated. It’s unconditional with a fair amount of talking behind ones back. They may say what they choose but wouldn’t allow a non family member to speak ill about you unless they agree with said person. It’s back stabbing and hurtful but its family. It’s Christmas and some other holidays that are mandatory and end early because no one has a choice you go or your the subject of that days nonsense. I’ve heard a lot of talk but my defense is silence I don’t fight back. 

My daughter and son in law are the best parents- really. They work hard they are always with their kids and they are achieving the best life possible for themselves. I love to listen to them and the way the family handles their joys love and problems. They are a great “unit”.

Love heart felt love well that is something we all want and strive to have.  It comes in all sizes many versions and has the biggest part of your heart. Funny how this love can cause stress with the above if you don’t live up to their standards. I say go for it. Dont let people dictate how to love. Learn to love -and when needed relearn how to love.  Open your eyes heart and soul and maybe just maybe we can teach each other love 


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