Rain on me 

Love the summer! The soft warm winds the flowers the sun shinning and the kicking off of shoes and my toes in the grass. This year is different we’ve had so much rain!! 

Now don’t get me wrong I love the sound of thunder and seeing the lightning rip across the sky but this is crazy!!

April we had hot sunny 90 degree days May was wet and cool and now June I’m watching the flowers get watered and the dog acquire that special wet dog smell – ugh. 

I sit here like the kids in the “cat in the hat” looking out the window wishing for the sun to return I’m thinking Mother Earth is screaming and the rain are the tears of frustration. 

I believe our climate is changing. I know we need to apologize to nature on our misuse of her gifts. I’m waiting and not so patiently for the sun to return the vegetable plants  to produce and for the dog to not have that special doggy odor ala swamp   I’m just waiting for the long days warm nights and being outside getting a tan – with sun screen of course 


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