Doggy Wisdom

My dog lives on the perpetually sunny side of the street. She doesn’t chase rabbits squirrels or the neighborhood cats. She doesn’t bark at the mailman – she actually sits by the fence tail wagging waiting on her  pet and scratch behind the ears and Scott always asks “how’s your day going Star?”.

She watches the neighborhood kids ride their bikes and scooters and the other dogs on the street go For their daily walks all without one single yip or yap. 

Star is a dog snob preferring the older dogs and not the young pups.  She loves going with me to weed the gardens (and other outside jobs) finding her perfect spot under a tree to take one of many daily snoozes. She’s a happy girl!! Loving every human she meets. 

She dislikes  loud noises – (though thunder doesn’t make her quiver) – she  has a true distain for the sound of a screw gun the engine sounds of my harley the crackling of empty water bottles and “suped” up car of one of the neighbors and car alarms. This sends her into a circle complete with the loudest barks she ever does!  She is inconsolable and will not stop till the noise is done!  She will watch and wait till the noise that sends her into her “dance” bark and pant is done that is till the next time.  She’s aware it may happen again!! 

She was a gift (a perfectly wonderful gift from my daughter son in law and their kids) and joined  myself and Elmer (another Shetland Sheepdog)   She played ball swam in the pool and would play with dogs at The local park.  After Elmer’s passing she lost interest in play of all kinds she will not even chew a bone for long. She will start and seam as if she’s having the best time then after about 15-20 minutes she done with it and will not touch it again   

So doggy wisdom isn’t for us to understand it’s to teach us about us. She’s taught me that grief isn’t just for the human animal it reaches into our pets souls too. Stars dislike of loud noises is never compromised and is always the same.  Her friends are Her friends without a single word ever spoken.  She doesn’t fall into the “dogs hate mailmen cats squirrels or rabbits “senerio the lesson being we are all different but the same.  Just get along. Doesn’t like dogs to much I’m thinking it tells us it’s ok to be alone and to be different. She’s a marvelous honest soul. Who’s teachings of love one another even if it’s from a distance would serve us all so well. 

She’s got a PhD in getting along with or without speaking a word. Star shines as a brilliant being who sticks to her truths and shares her sparkle with all that meet her. Thank you Miss Star for teaching me β­οΈπŸ’«πŸŒŸ


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