I believe 

I believe in many things as most do. We have our opinions on people places and things. We change. We grow. We learn by doing and watching others. 

My opinion as yours is based at times on what we experience. I trust in some beliefs and challenge others. 

Some may find it difficult to stand behind still some will jump at the chance for a breath of fresh air without knowing what they are supporting   It's a change so it must be good- right?

Beliefs can be based on fear bigotry or an assumption. These are the scary ones. No evidence and give me pause to what is going through the mind of  those who blindly support them. 

Ever wonder if the beliefs you have are yours or what you've be taught? Are they just your truth or are they the truths of who we admire? 

I am challenging you to look at yours and question why you have yours   Not from a religious aspect or a handed down opinion but what your heart and soul tell you are your truths. 

I believe your truths are complicated and have had to changed as youve grown. I believe we can all have opinions without hatred. See I believe in my fellow man. I believe we are who we are and beliefs are born mostly from those we admire   I believe we need to be able to express our opinions without name calling   I believe in love thy fellow man. 

I believe I will leave you with this. Knowledge is power and it's ok to change your beliefs and express them. Ignorance spawns hatred and we need to understand and challenge old hand me down nonsensical beliefs just to roll along with those we have elevated into positions of power in our lives. 

I believe in you. I believe you can change the world for the better. I believe you will – truly I do


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