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The Strangers Story

I do a benefit for cancer every year this being the 20th year. I say this because this has taught me many thing among them is patience and kindness. 

Today while going to businesses to ask for donations and giving out flyers I saw an older gentleman sitting on a bench. As I pass I said hello And asked if he was ok. He asked “what do you have there?” I replied that it was for a benefit to raise monies for cancer. He asked if he could have one. I said absolutely. I handed him one and watched him read it place it on his lap and the look me straight in the eye and asked me if he could tell me a story. 

The story was this. He was in the service and going to war in Korea and he had a girl. They decided to get married before he left. They married in Philadelphia at what I assume was a Catholic Church a Saint Theresa of something – I didn’t hear. He described his brides dress as a suit thing “ya know with a jacket and buttons”.  He said that she had a corsage of white flowers and a Blue ribbon to match her outfit.  He wore his uniform and only their families and close friends went to the nuptials. 

Afterwards they went to the brides house for an nice meal “chicken stuffing mashed potatoes- all Home made!”.  They had a cake to he thinks her sister made it. “Wasn’t that good but she liked it.”  They talked laughed and they didn’t have a honeymoon. They stayed at the brides house until he was deployed. 

He was back in eighteen months-“or close enough ” and stayed with his in laws until they bought their house in the new Levittown Pennsylvania. They had five kids 2 girls 3 boys. “Everything was good!”  She like Bingo he liked sports. They raised their children who gave them grandchildren who gave him great grandchildren!  

“About three years ago she wasn’t feeling right”.  He stared off in the distance as if he was transported back to that day. “Went to the Doctor. You know them he did test sent her to another doctor who did more test and it came Back cancer. Woman’s cancer”.  

“She had surgery and they said it was really bad”.  From what I can tell she had some chemo but it was to far advanced. She died “just a little over a year later”.

He said he misses her horribly not that his kids dont love him “it’s just not the same”. Being a widow I understand completely. 

It was in all a little under an hour.  An hour that taught me that time isn’t money time is precious. That time He gave to me will remain in my heart forever. I thank you for teaching me kind sir and sharing your story with me. 

Cancer sucks and the stories I hear are hard but keep me wanting to do fund raising 


What ย life has given me

I'm tired of people saying how rough they have it. It's life. I'm not saying we all don't have rough patches that we think will never end and our hearts are broken but we are fortunate think about it really fortunate. 

We wake up. That's the first gift of the new day. We may have aches and pains we May not have enough money food or love but we are here to witness a new day. 

We are able to change what we chose to change. Something's are better left as they are so you don't hurt someone again but we all have things we can change. 

We have people who care about us. We may not like how they show us how they care but they do. 

So as I start this day there are people I miss. But I know weather we are separated by death by Miles or by small disagreements I love them and they love me. Life teaches me new things everyday and complaining about small or made up nonsense isn't the way to wake to the day. You don't have to say it out loud if you chose not to but say it to yourself "I will do something productive today". "My aches and pains are NOTHING compared to those suffering with life threatening illnesses ".  "I will not be negative it only makes my life miserable ".

And that my friend in a small little blog what life has given me today. 

Beauty and its other sideย 

Beauty is as my grandmother used to say “in the eye of the beholder”!  Truer words have never been spoken. 

I see the beauty of the oak tree in my yard yet in the fall I curse the acorns.  I love the green grass and walking barefoot yet when I have to cut the grass in ninety degree weather I’m not so happy and stubbing my toe or walking on a stone can cause cursing and an odd dance that for some Reason I do every time!!!

Summer storms are intriguing but can dampen a picnic.  Flower and their scents fill the air – mmmm – and the bee who’s busy pollinating can sting you. Gardening is my joy I can spend hours planting and weeding. Some who don’t share my joy allow poison ivy to grow and give me a rash!

The summer nights cool breezes are just perfect to sit out and gaze at the glory of the night sky – until the mosquitos start biting and if you remember to put on bug spray you end up sticky and the smell of it disturbs the smell of honeysuckle in the air. 

So you see it’s all about perspective. I will see the beauty but I do lapse into the ugly side of things for a moment.  I do not want to be the pessimist I want to be the glass full person   Beauty is seen through our eyes and for me at least is the better half of what some may call ugly .  

Day for the Widowsย 

I was inducted to the class of 2010 when my husband died suddenly and today I learned there is a day for this too. I understand the purpose behind it but a day to remember the most horrible day of my life is just incomprehensible. 

I read that this day is to let those who don’t know how economically challenging it is to loose your spouse   Its inexplainable to those who have been fortunate enough not to be in this position.  

So thank you but no thank you. My economical position will not change because you’ve named a day after a box I have checked since 2010 (widow). Want to help? Then may I humbly ask that you understand the money you spend to promote this day could be given to those in need. 

I hate that I’m a member of this class but saddened that naming a day after my status without support is even in exsistence  June 23rd will now be a day that some celebrate – I will not – now it seared into my brain and like salt in my wounds a reminder of my loss

Robin William

The beautiful melodic songs of the birds in the summer is one reason I like having my windows open. They start about 4:30 am and continue till the last light of the day. They chirp out announcing the suns arrival and fall silent when the stars take their place in the sky.

There's always one that just can't or will not follow the others.  This year it's a Robin.  He starts more than likely with the rest but that were the similarities end.  I call him William. 

William melodies continue to fill the air until at least 10pm. Then with the crickets taking over he stops for a bit. He more than likely listens and throughout the night chimes in with his music. I'm sure he thinks he's better. 

He must be exhausted!!! But I'm sure he knows how good he sounds and that his time to sing is confined to a couple of months   I'm with William I to try to cram the most into the summer time. 

With June almost done and July knock hard on the summer calendar William continues in his one man band.  He's always on tune   He sounds excited with every note he produces and William is the one and only night singing robin in my neighborhood. . 

I look forward to his concerts and pray that this summer goes by slowly – it never does but I hope William will continue to be different   I love William!!!! 

We should all be Williams!  Not following the norm hurting none and bringing beauty to the earth whenever possible. Singing out with joy over everything and nothing. William is a one bird band who's talents are not missed by this fan.  I love William his talent and the fact he brings his happiness to me day and night.  

Be a William!

The cost of ย “would you do the honor “

Weddings. Big Small first or second and you’ve been asked “would you do me the honor of being in my wedding?” ย How do you say no – most don’t they dutifully go to the bridal place and tux place to spend hundreds of dollars for one day – one day of ย a dress you’d never buy and a tux that isn’t your style.

Now that just he outfit !! Add in shoes hair jewelry to match the dress you wouldnt be caught dead in. For the guys to rent an uncomfortable suit in the middle of summer and it all adds up to misery.

Then you have showers – that I now know the bride has her hand in to plan and to tell just what she wants done on the day. Everything from colors to cakes to even the gift you buy is orcastrated ย  The men have the bachelor party and of course now the girls have to have a brides version too. And the tab is on you!!!

So “doing the honor of” cost thousands. It’s gotten so that if your uncomfortable with how things are going and your wallet is thin doesn’t matter as long as the bride is happy. It saddens me ย  Then you have to on top of the pre parties you have to buy a gift. ย Not just any gift a gift your told to buy. When has this spun so out of control?

It’s become “cool” to be a bridezilla. ย It’s one day and I believe couples have forgotten that it’s suppose to be a day of fun. ย I’ve been disgusted by the couple making fun of someone’s gift. Did they ever stop to think that they thought of you and may have spent money they didn’t have on you.?And then the day of you’re suppose to give cash that equals what they paid for you to be there. ย I find this revolting. ย Again if grandmom a friend or relative has ten dollars and they give it to you ย from the heart when has it become ok to announce to those that will listen how much the wedding is costing you!! ย  Sad.

So when you are asked to do the honor of remember it’s ok to say NO!!! It’s in my not needed opinion to give a gift in YOUR price range not the couples. And for the love of sanity let’s dump the bridezilla act. It’s so unbecoming ย  Let the shower be a surprise and be greatful for anything that you’re given. Weddings have become a day of over spending and trying to keep up with the jones while whining and telling anyone who will listen how stress out you are. Go get married have fun it’s not the wedding day that counts it’s the years of togetherness that does.

Summertime and the swimming ain’t easy

Love just love going in the back yard and jumping into the pool – especially when it’s early morning or late night.  Set the towel on the deck cold drink sunscreen and turn the phone off. For me it’s perfect!

That’s my dream the reality is go out back forgot the towel a bee has drown In The cold drink and the sunscreen I’ve used expired.  Early morning the cats are creeping out of the garden they’ve used as a rest room and the mosquitoes attack me  at night!  

So try again. All my gear is there. I jump in – feels great I splash the cat and float like I’m in the clouds. Then it happens – I thought I thought of everything!!! The kids in the neighborhood conviently walk up the driveway just to say hello on this 90 degree morning. 

So hi Mrs Byers how are you? Whatcha doin?  Me nothing how are you? Hot!!! It’s just so hot I can’t even ride my bike!!! I like your towel!  Whatcha drinkin?  Me ok go ask your mom and dad and make sure you bring your own towel.  Fifteen minutes later. Hi!!!! I’m back!!! Mom said I can only go swimming with you if my brother and sister are allowed. Me – defeated ok.  They jump in slash around and an hour later I say ok time for me to get something’s done. We have to get out. Them ooooohhh!!!! I climb out wrap my towel around me. They jump out with pruned fingers blue lips and shivering.  We forgot our towels!! 

So four towel and one babysitting job later I’m in the house. Spying out the windows till they are out of sight and I slip back into the pool. I’m floating with sunglasses a ball cap pulled down so I don’t see anyone   Ten minutes of bliss then it happens.  Hey Mrs Byers thought you had to do somethings in the house to do! Me resigned as I drag myself out of the water yeah right now I’m doing them right now.  

Summertime and the swimming definitely isn’t easy