Snake and the spider

Strong words sting. They are like a viper waiting to strike when you least expect- from those you thought would never utter a word against you. The venomous words are injected left to stew in your very being. Then it happens you find the humor in it!

Beyond what the truth is and what was done is the comic element of it all. It's lost on those who "give" but not on those who "receive ".  Between what's right and wrong is the happiness that you once had. After the bite is given and the pain is over there are memories. The laughs the things we only know and the ones we wish we didn't  are the smiles – the love is never lost but it's never spoken of and frozen by the strike. 

So I smile. You don't.  you spit the words of mistrust and bring in a little spider to help spin. And you win – or did you?? When you coil wrap and squeeze to make sure your words are seared into the souls of your audience I learn. I learned I love but will never trust you again. You'll be held at an arms length and you and the spider will continue until the fun is gone and go to the next person who's life is not what you want it to be. 

Love is unconditional  I know your comments have proven that I should beware . I will be happy with a sever limp provided by your venom love you from afar but I thank you for showing me who you are the snake and the spider. 


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