Monthly Archives: January 2017

Whatch what you say – people KNOW what you think!!!!

Well it’s happened – hell has frozen over! I mean not your adverage ice that thaws with the wakening of the sun with crisp blue skies but the kind of ice that is inches thick and will be around long enough to lose the beauty and turn into a back grey mush. 

People have let the coldness into their hearts – not just to touch it, but they allowed it to harden and stop the kindness that we all need so much in our lives. 

Words said with the malice the speaker intended. Using the words that are referred to by first letter only. The N the R (used in so many ways) and the made up words that unfortunately have been recycled to fit into the users vicious attacks. 

Ice thaws and recycles back into life giving water. It quenches thirst in humans animals and plants.  It will eventually make its way to the sea and start the process of housing marine life producing electricity and sustaining life.  It allows us to live. We are bathed in it as we develop.  We learn to swim in it as we grow. We are washed in it after death. Water is life.  We need it.

Words can be meaningful loving and comforting. They can be cruel hateful and unnecessary. Some People have made the kindness in speech secondary to cruel unneeded words for one purpose only to hurt their victims. The “slang” doesn’t help to educate or advance peace. It doesn’t promote unity it does not have the ability to nurture only to wound. And it’s growning. 

I’ve never been a fan of the ice and cold. I dislike ignorant people who are spoon feed nonsense and regurgitate it to others weather they want to hear it or not. They both are bitting and cold   I don’t know why people become so cold. One thing I do know is that the coldness of winter gives way to the warmer spring days. It has to. It’s the circle of life. I hope that humans can follow mother earths grand plan and evolve to warmer gentler people.