I am one who donates but…

I have for the past 19 years worked on a fundraising for cancer. It consumes me and I follow it because I believe in the cause.  What has ripped my heart out is those who tell half truths 

Don’t ask for donations for medical bills or funeral costs and have a vacation planed. 

Do go to”go fund me” and not know that 8% goes to them and you’ll get a 1099 at the end of the year

What I’m saying in a nut shell is that those of us who raise monies for causes work very very hard.  We are sometimes successful and other times not so much but we give with our hearts. So you ask we will give but  those who think others should give and those who ask just jump From fund raising sight to another need to know the rules. People put themselves in bad situations and ruin their reputations 


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