Monthly Archives: September 2015

So it goesΒ 

Life has many meanings to people. Some say it’s hard others say we learn from those hardships to make it easier to life in the future.  

Life can take one a host of emotions for one single time frame in your life. Some cry at a funeral at not only the loss of a loved one but for the loss of future memories.  Others will laugh!!! They smile through their tears and remember the sweet times they’ve shared.  I do both. I laugh at the thought of the laughter we both shared and cry not only for the loss but for me. Yes me how am I going to go on with out them?  I believe we do mourn ourselves when someone dear dies. 
Marriages And births also give a swing of emotions. I laugh for the wellness happiness and all the wonders that life will have for them. I’ve cried but I think (for me any how) it’s tears of joy – never out of fear. Beginnings as ends have an unknown paths placed before them. 
And so it goes. We all express our emotions as our heart dictates. Perfectly and unknown even when We try to tame them they are the masters.  We all bear them. We all have them. It makes us alike. We are feelings tied up in a skeleton.