Summertime an the living is easy. 

I love summer.  I look for it in the newly budding trees of spring  I morn it as the trees gasp for their last hold  turning shades of yellow, red, and orange . I don’t find the beauty of it , the leaves are dying.   I count the days of winter knowing spring is coming and then summer. Yes glorious summer 

I will admit that I love boots so I do wait for fall for that one and only thing.  I hate the thought of pulling on sweaters, hats, and running to and from the warmth of the house and car. I hate that humidity is changed to wind chill.  I despise when i forget to fill the pellet stove and wake up to a cold house.  Yep I can not understand the thought pattern behind those who love the snow and cold.

So here we are September 12th, summer has just over a week to keep me relaxed, warm, and allow me to laze about in the sun.  The leaves have already started to fall and turn colors.  I am counting down this summer and counting the days to next summer. 


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