Life’s unlessons – the addition of kindness

We need to undo things in our lives that make us sad, uncomfortable, and downright miserable. How many time have you heard that??? I subscribe to the method of being as honest as I can be to the person I am talking to, and help when ever I can. I say I am but if truth be told I have bitten my tongue so hard at times I’m disappointed in myself.

I’ve been told to answer “brutally” honest. The door would be open for a truthful conversation. I can’t because I know deep down certain subjects require a soft touch not a bash to the persons sensibility. I say this with as much compassion as I can mister right now.

I’ve been asked how old someone looks after being told they get mistaken for a twenty something “all the time”. I want to live in that world. This person looked ten years older then their true age. Well as long as they’re happy. Age questions plus women times the happiness they feel when told they look youthful equals an ecstatic lady. So the tongue bleeds a little and her happiness out does anything anyone could say.

Weight. I hate when someone asks do I look fat in this. I have steered my fellow ladies into another direction if I feel as if clothes don’t “accentuate” the positive and multiply the negative. If someone shows up in a outfit that makes them feel the best is it honest or cruel to say something unkind to them. I’m feeling better about my dishonesty about not being totally honest.

What it comes down to is being honest and not hurtful. I know people who say nasty things and end it with “well I’m just being honest”! No,
I do believe people are making themselves feel superior. Being hurtful when someone is feeling better than you at that moment. I believe if we lifted each other up instead of tearing one another down we could be more honest and learn to accept some small negative comments to better each other.


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