I’ve been called many things over the years.Daughter, wife, mom,aunt, friend, and a widow. Even as you read this I would bet you relate these to someone in your life. They are the “tags” given as your life progresses. One label I have is biker. Now what do you think of? I’m sure some think of biker gangs, wild, unkept people with little or no education


I am in the minority of the motorcycle
Community. I am a woman. I ride because it’s a feeling of freedom. It’s the wind in my hair. It’s the love of riding. It’s giving back to those in need.


I ride with the warrior watch group. I have a patch on my back that associates me with them. We welcome home men and women from their tours of duty. We ride to lay those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to rest. We ride to veterans funeral services. We ride to show how much we admire and respect those who serve out country.


I am a biker. I raise money for cancer. I help those in need. I am not a drug dealer. I am not uneducated. I use my Harley to raise awareness for different causes. I own my titles in life. Some I earned some were given. I hate injustice and love to give of my time.


I am a biker who along with the millions that also ride hope that you watch out for us. We bikers treasure the titles of daughters, sons, parents, and grandparents. We love our family and friends. We are carpenters, Steele workers, mechanics, medical professionals and lawyers. We use the wind as therapy and the Roads less traveled for stress relieve. All we need is a sunny day (preferably) sunglasses, jeans, t shirt, and a good pair of boots to take the back roads on any given day.

I am a biker. When I say hello or ofer to help know that it comes from my heart. Don’t back away. I don’t bite.



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