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I have so many pictures. I have photo albums of them, they are in boxes and some hang on the wall. Most of them do not include me in them. About three years ago I started having pictures of me take with friends and at event I attended.


They are of vacations with the girls. Watching bands, hugging friends and well just happy times!


I have some riding my Harley, with my grand kids, some I knew were being taking others I didn’t


I have photos of people who are in my life to this day and others who have passed away. Those are the sweet memories


I have photos of me that I’ve been told are great and others well let’s just say I treasure them for the story behind them.


I’ve been called many things over the years.Daughter, wife, mom,aunt, friend, and a widow. Even as you read this I would bet you relate these to someone in your life. They are the “tags” given as your life progresses. One label I have is biker. Now what do you think of? I’m sure some think of biker gangs, wild, unkept people with little or no education


I am in the minority of the motorcycle
Community. I am a woman. I ride because it’s a feeling of freedom. It’s the wind in my hair. It’s the love of riding. It’s giving back to those in need.


I ride with the warrior watch group. I have a patch on my back that associates me with them. We welcome home men and women from their tours of duty. We ride to lay those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to rest. We ride to veterans funeral services. We ride to show how much we admire and respect those who serve out country.


I am a biker. I raise money for cancer. I help those in need. I am not a drug dealer. I am not uneducated. I use my Harley to raise awareness for different causes. I own my titles in life. Some I earned some were given. I hate injustice and love to give of my time.


I am a biker who along with the millions that also ride hope that you watch out for us. We bikers treasure the titles of daughters, sons, parents, and grandparents. We love our family and friends. We are carpenters, Steele workers, mechanics, medical professionals and lawyers. We use the wind as therapy and the Roads less traveled for stress relieve. All we need is a sunny day (preferably) sunglasses, jeans, t shirt, and a good pair of boots to take the back roads on any given day.

I am a biker. When I say hello or ofer to help know that it comes from my heart. Don’t back away. I don’t bite.



I am one who loves the sun setting. I truly think it’s beautiful rising but dusk is to me the perfect time of day.


It is as if all the angles have been given permission to take out their paints and use the sky as their canvas. Blues, pinks, reds, oranges and purples try to color the horizon to fend off the coming darkness. It’s stunning.


Twilight sounds accompany the colors. Crickets start to chirp and the last of the singing birds nest to watch the show Quite begins to envelope the color splashed sky.


Slowly – ever so slowly the darkness begins to claim the painted heavens. The sun gives up her reign to the moon and the gleaming distant stars.


The concert of hues have gone dark and the beauty of the night comes on. Stars make me dream and the moon brightens up the world just a bit till the sun regains her throne. Darkness has it’s own beauty.


I will as always take the time to look at the sun setting. I believe it’s a thank you from the heavens. I think it calms a hectic day. I know it’s a message from heaven.


Motherhood and my demotion

Life is good so the saying tells me, and for the most part it is. My life as yours has many ups and downs and right now I'm on an up swing!! I say that and I mean it for the most part.
Juggling family friends and now a boyfriend is interesting considering my age. I have a grown child who is married and has a family of her own. The said child has a great spouse, job, and is financially secure Everything that most of us have wished our children would achieve mine has. My grandchildren do not want for anything including time with their parents. Oh yes I am a lucky person.

Just one thing – one thing that is driving us to near madness I've lost my position as matriarch of our family. I'm not the one who is asked for advice but rather given it. I am told how wrong my life has become when I like the way it's running. I have a man who is so good to me yet is not good enough. I have friends who have been in my life forever and new ones who are making my weekends full of music fun dancing and new adventures but they are not on my child's list of who I should be with. I'm a grown adult being reprimanded as if I was a teenager. I'm the happiest I've been since I've experienced the loss of my husband and yet saddened by the demise of my friendship with my child. I can not talk about my private life it's a subject that causes my child to assume a fetal position, talk (actually yell) that they will not talk about it and other then that our relationship is wonderful. See the problem?

We have learned to dance around the subject of my life. I don't talk about it and all is well. My family and friends have told the child how happy I am and this causes such a reaction that no one will say anything to the said child. So the dance continues. We twirl, we swing and tap around my personal life. The saddest jive I've ever danced

So with my new found happiness I dance the dance of demotion. No music no words just a sway enough to avoid the jabs of unkind words and knowing I am no longer needed or even wanted. I am last on the list – a very long list – of people who rightly deserve my child's devotion. I am no longer an on the "A" list I am quite literally demoted. The bottom, last, and no longer needed I need to rewrite my resume'


The meaning of flowers

Flowers can say I love you, thank you, nice to meet you and let’s do it again!!

Flowers say your my prom date , I marry you and just thinking of you.

I have flowers that have said sorry he died, sorry about the heart attack, and get well soon.

I have flowers in my yard in a vase and in pots. I eat flowers dry them and cut them.

Flowers are jewelry on shirts and wallpaper. Flowers can be awe inspiring and unusual. Flowers have many shades from white to almost black.

Flowers can make you happy and they can bring tears.

They can smell sweet or sour. Flowers can last forever or just a short time.

They can be prickly and soft. They can develop powerful memories and they can heal.

Flowers can be wanted or unwanted.

You can wear flowers in your hair on your wrist or chest, behind an ear and around your neck.

You can pull the petal off flowers and make a path to welcome brides. You can take a single flower and place it on a casket to say good bye.

Flowers sway in the breeze , stand tall against the summer sun, and hide in the frozen earth till awaken by springs warm kiss.

People are named after flowers are compared to them and can smell like them.

Some are delicate some are hardy. They can be pointy, rounded, even form tiny heart shapes.

Flowers can be made into chains, halos, and can be placed into the end of a gun barrel during an anti war demonstration.

Flowers speak the words we can’t.

Flowers have power.


Time flies. Time stands still. Time escapes you and time waits for no man. Time makes sweet memories and time can steal youth and eventually your time is over.

Maybe You can time travel. You can be on time. You can have the time of your life and time can drag on forever. 

You can’t buy time. You can’t trade time. Time flies. Time stops. Time is valuable. Time is money.

There are time payments. Time to be born and a time to die. Time to love and time to disagree. Time for war and always time for peace.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter time.
Planting and harvesting time. Holiday time. Church time. Play time. A time to learn and a time to come and a time go.

You can waste time, kill time , and pass the time. Time waits for no man.

Time to get up and Time to sleep. Time to work and time to play. Time to enjoy the simple things and time to figure things out.

It’s the best of times and the worst of times. You can lose time and find the time.

Your can kill time and create it. There is old man time and Time Square. Time can be on your side or time can be against you.

It’s time. Time out. Time to try and time to give up.

Time shares.. Time to spring forward and Fall back. Time heals all wounds.

You can have to much time on your hands or you could have useless time. Tell time. What time is it?

Time to smell the flowers, wake up and smell the coffee, time to grow up, time to act your age. Time for celebrations and time to relax.

Day time Night time. Starting time and quitting time. Time to tell the truth. There are time bandits, time pieces , and timers.

Time to give and a time to receive. You can split your time and give of your time. Crying time. Time of your life. Time to go.

There are time stamps and time thefts. Record times and average times

Time to hurry and a time to relax.

Time is relevant and irrelevant

Thanks for taking the time to read.