“Yes it’s mine”

I love the wind in my face. I love when the trees sway and flags crack to attention. I open the windows of my home to feel the breeze, and roll down the car windows (complete with music) and allow my hair to become a complete mess. I just adore it! I truly understand why dog stick their head out of a vehicle and smile with joy.
So it’s only natural in my mind that I should ride a motorcycle

I started out on the back of a bike like most girls, but had the need to be in the “driver’s seat”. Before I rode, I would listen to the shifting and downshifting and know when it would occur. My girlfriends thought I had lost my mind. In a sense I had. I had caught the fever and I wanted my own Harley.

I was given a 1971 Honda to learn on I called her my “Honda Davidson”. She is perfect. I still own her and wouldn’t ever sell her After about a year and life changes I was so surprised when for my birthday I received my first Harley Davidson!! She is perfect. Pearl white and lowered for me. I had achieved my dream.

I enjoy the ride. I love the freedom I was happiest when I ride. I am in the minority of riders I am female. Like my male counter parts when I get on her I relax my mind and concentrate on the road ahead. I am one with the dog.

Hair a mess, sunglasses, jeans and a smile I head out on the road. I never know or care where I will end up. Rumbling along and at peace I have people wave and women yell that they wish they were me – funny statement when you realize they have no idea what my life is about.

I get the oddest questions at times. They do make me chuckle. Best one I ever heard was “your entirely to small to ride that ! Wanna sell it?” But the question I hear the most is from men “Is that yours!” I usually don’t answer any more just smile. So for the record yes it’s mine.


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