Bare footed and happy

Well that was one hell of a winter. Where I live second snowiest since records have been kept. Old Mans icy grip is slowly loosening and the birds are singing as if to awake to daffodils and crocus that have slept through the cold. Come on summer!!!

I am being teased by days that hit sixty degrees but the nights are just above freezing. I am longing to hear the crickets and kids play, well at least the ones that do go outside. It reminds me of long summer days filled with riding bikes, catching lightning bugs, and day after day of bare feet. How I wish I could go back to those days.

Being known as a “tomboy” as long as I can remember I miss the days of the cool grass, the sticky mud, and the hot pavement on my feet. Flip flops were just to get into establishments who had posted that without shoes I wasn’t welcome. I preferred the all natural feel of going shoeless. I took on stubbed toes and more cuts then I can remember. Yes even the pain that can be caused by not wearing shoes brings a smile to my face.

I’m longing to shed the stylish boots and wooly socks my forever cold feet idolize when summer has turned to fall. So come on summer I’m ready to be naked from the ankles down.


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