Chapter 5

Happy 50th to my husband!! What a great surprise party it was. All of our friends and family together joining in having such a great time . The party lasted till very close to dawn. We were going along like any other couple. Loving on our grandchildren – we had three by the time Dale was 52 twin girls and a boy!! Normal average people living a nearly normal life. He was eating so many Advil it was scary but he explained to me it was the only way he could get through the day and the doctors regulated his doses He never missed work until that week. February 2,2010 a Monday said he just wasn’t feeling well. I asked him to go to the doctor he said no it was just the flu. He stayed in bed. Tuesday he went back to work and finished out the week. Friday his friend joined him at our home after work for a couple of beers. They talked and laughed till nearly midnight. We went to bed and spoke about the up coming snow storm the weatherman was predicting two plus feet of snow. A rare occasion for our neck of the woods. We joked about how the shelves would be empty of bread and milk. He told me he had brought enough wood around to make sure it would last the week for the wood stove. Said he had gas for the generator too if we needed it. We could here the wind whipping outside our windows as it began to snow. We fell asleep. That night was one of peace even though we woke up several times to hear the wind howling. I had peace of mind and heart. I felt safe. I felt loved. I was taught that the saying “calm before the storm” was never more true.


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